FAARROW | Say My Name

The second instalment of Studio Africa’s Music Video Project is here!

The video for Faarrow’s “Say My Name” opens with the Somali duo as kids listening to rap on a radio which is quickly confiscated by a father-type-figure who clearly disapproves of their music-choices. Switch to the present, and it’s clear that male disapproval has not discouraged them, as the women rampage through the city, markets and into the desert with their crew, all the while declaring their ambition to be world renowned.

More than rebellion though, “Say My Name” is about affirmation - from the song title (which must allude to Destiny’s Child) to the women-only jam towards the end of the video, the track celebrates friendship and community amongst women.  Watch above, and check back for a selection of Brad Ogbonna’s behind-the-scenes photographs.

FAAROW is a duo who were born in Somalia and now live in LA. Along with Spoek Mathambo and Olugbenga, they’ve recently joined the Studio Africa cast of creatives. Check back regularly for more of their contributions.